The Reincarnation of Camille Boissier

The third book in the Vengence series

A gripping tale of deception, desperation, and the dark side of ambition, exploring the lengths to which people will go in the pursuit of their desires and the devastating consequences that follow; a poignant tale of love, understanding, and connection, set against the backdrop of the charming French countryside.

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Gérard signs a contract, unknowingly sacrificing his daughter's future. When Edith discovers the truth, a heated argument ensues, leading to a tragic accident. In a fit of rage and despair, Gérard strikes Edith, causing her fatal injury. The château erupts in flames, trapping Gérard and endangering the lives of the twins.

Amidst the chaos, Fieschi presents himself as the savior, helping the girls escape the burning château. However, his true nature is revealed when he accuses Camille of causing her father's demise. As the truth unravels, the surviving family members are left to grapple with the aftermath of their choices and the malevolent influence of Carlo Fieschi.

In the picturesque town of Segonzac, France, Canadian man Michel Bouchard and French woman Jeanne Boissier find their lives intertwined by fate.

Michel, a tall and rugged man, explores the historic Château Boissier with the intention of purchasing it. Jeanne, a young woman with a tragic past, visits the château's secluded garden to pay homage to her deceased mother.

Their paths collide when Jeanne accidentally crashes her car into Michel's, leading to a serendipitous encounter. Despite the initial tension, they are drawn to each other. Michel's genuine curiosity about Château Boissier and Jeanne's emotional connection to the property spark a deep conversation over tea at the Hostellerie de la Poste in Lignières-Sonneville. As they spend time together, Michel learns about Jeanne's trapped marriage and the pain she carries from the tragic events that took place at the château.

Their connection deepens during a rowing excursion on the River Collinaud, where they share intimate stories and vulnerabilities. Jeanne takes Michel to meet her spirited aunt Bénédicte, a former film star, further solidifying their bond. Walking through the vast vineyards surrounding Château Boissier, Michel and Jeanne's relationship blossoms. In a moment of emotional intimacy, they teeter on the edge of falling in love, their hearts opening to the possibility of a future together.