The Betrayal of Jacqueline Flower - Robert Wallace
Crimson Wing – The sequel to Valentines Cup
6 July 2022
Pilgrimage to Kensal Green Cemetery
1 June 2023

The inspiration for this novel came from the core idea of creating the perfect alibi. I wrote the first draft in ‘Die Port van Cleve’ in the centre of Amsterdam. (see above). When I saw Lucy Montgomery impersonate Tom Cruise so convincingly, I knew the idea would work.



Conceived as a three-part screenplay: Jax – Quince – and Lucia, we decided to adapt it from a dialogue-rich drama into a novel. It is deliberately told in the present tense to drive the story forward at breakneck speed. A number of professionals have checked the text for technical accuracy: a detective, an ITV producer, an abattoir owner and a make-up artist.

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