#TradShack - Robert Wallace

Fables and Folk

A collection of supernatural and extraordinary short stories from the West of England

A haunted antique bath; a wedding attended by a ghostly apparition; missing Crown Jewels appear in an antique shop; secret codes from dementia; plus more intriguing storylines.

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The Haunted Bathtub and the Ghostly Wedding Guest

So, which parts are true?

Robert did once live in the house in Windsor Terrace featured in ‘Clara's Secret’.

And his father did have a long after-dinner story about being sent in search of a Bristol Blue glass vase when he was applying for a job.

And like Daniel in ‘In the Blink of an Eye’, Robert did once capture a spectral figure in a photograph he took at a wedding.

And there are surviving members of the Bristol Home Guard who have always wondered why they were detailed to guard the Clifton Observatory.

It's up to you to decide; through the ghosts, myths and conspiracies of silence to work out which part might be the germ of reality, and which part might be the tall tale.


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